Experience Bangkok Shopping Mall and Bangkok Night life

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience on your trip to Thailand then Bangkok is for you. Come explore the exciting Bangkok night life and innovative Bangkok shopping mall, The night life, and shopping mall in Bangkok push boundaries and give you a one of a kind experience you will get nowhere else;royal ivory bangkok article

If you want to see a mall different then anything you have ever seen check out Siam Discovery. This mall is inspired by the Korean style its open layout delivers a high end feel that will delight your eyes and tantalize your senses. If fashion is your thing check out the Platinum Fashion mall this mall specializes in fashion you will be able to find something to wear for a night on the town; There a variety of other malls in the Bangkok shopping district make sure to nosh on some amazing culinary delights it will not be your typical food court fare.

Now that you got your self a new outfit at the mall its time to experience the one of a kind nightlife Bangkok has to offer. You can experience first-class culture and entertainment at the Siam Nirmit cultural show and dinner this is an amazing dinner theater experience that tells a historic tale while you enjoy a first-class meal. If your looking for a more debauchery experience Bangkok has you covered in the redlight district which includes well known go-go bars like the soi cowboy and Patpong. If you want a classy one of a kind nightlife experience try one of the many sky roof bars you can enjoy a delicious cocktail while looking over the beautiful city.

No matter what you choose to explore Bangkok night life and Bangkok shopping mall it will give you a one of kind experience you will not soon forget.